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Kelley Research Associates

Kelley Research Associates (KRA) is a private, female owned, evaluation and research firm specializing in program development and evaluation as well as creating data collection systems.  KRA’s expertise is in the areas of law enforcement programming, opioid prevention and intervention, gang prevention and intervention, and non-profit community programming.

KRA has a long history working with law enforcement and community-based organizations

implementing innovative responses to crime and public health issues. The majority of our current

projects are public safety collaborative efforts involving criminal justice agencies, social service agencies,

school departments, and community organizations and members. KRA staff assist these initiatives in

developing goals, objectives, and performance measures; we develop evaluation plans; collect and

analyze baseline data; conduct continuous research to assess the achievements of the programs; and

provide constant feedback to the project coordinators. KRA has particular expertise in designing and

implementing data collection systems to support grant funded efforts and fill gaps left by the limitations

of local data. Our staff is very capable of managing a variety of research and evaluation projects and we

pride ourselves on our ability to work in a challenging, fast-paced environment, which often combines

many different agendas. Our goal is to remain objective, communicate with our partners in an open and

honest way, and provide the best possible data and feedback in a timely fashion.

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